Bambi & the Wolves

| Bambi | 16 | Lone wolf |

I should just start appreciating and enjoying the beauty I have now WHILE I reach for an even better and deeper beauty.

Monsters create other monsters.

You used to make me giddy, but now that you’re in a different state and texting you sucks, you just make me depressed.

Anyone going to Disney World any time soon that wants to take me with them?

Because the prices and the way my parents are fighting me over it, Jesus.

Eternal Optimist

E t e r n a l   O p t i m i s t

The name of my Essie nail polish and my view on life.

Most wouldn’t call me an optimist, due to my unceasing cursing and negative comments.

But I have to be an optimist to have clung to my dreams this long.

My dreams are kept alive by the Essie nail polishes that I buy; the pretty dresses hanging in my closet, the tulle - lace - satin fabrics acting as the fabric of my dreams.

And my dreams are killed by the never ending split ends - frizz - difficulty of my hair; the stretch marks - scars - extra pounds that act as the reality binding me here.

I’m never happy with myself or my life, and I lack the determination - strength - perseverance to reach my dreams in reality.

So I live in a half-awake state, half in my unsatisfying reality and half in my unreal dream world. 

I either stay an eternally unsatisfied optimist or end up dead.

Me:Can't we all just love our bodies you guys?
Society & Clothing:No.
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